Know Your Medicare ABCs & Part D

Medicare is divided into ‘parts,’ covering different types of health benefits. These are commonly referred to as Medicare Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D.

Part A is for Hospital Care

Part A helps cover inpatient hospitalization, care in skilled nursing facilities, hospice care and some home health care, usually for no monthly premium.

Part B is for Doctor Visits

Part B helps cover medical services such as visits to a doctor’s office, durable medical equipment and outpatient care.

Did you Know?

The term “Original Medicare” refers to Medicare Parts A & B.

Part C is a Medicare Advantage Plan

For many people, Original Medicare doesn’t cover everything they want or need. A Medicare Advantage plan includes the benefits of Parts A and B, but can also offer extra benefits like dental and vision coverage.

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Part D is for Prescription Drug Coverage

Part D is prescription drug coverage that includes many commonly used brand name
and generic drugs. Original Medicare does not include any coverage for prescription
drugs. You need to have Part A and Part B to be eligible for Part D.

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NOTE: If you don’t enroll in Part D when you first become eligible, or do not have coverage as good as Medicare’s, you may have to pay a penalty if you join at a later date. Get details.

Important to know!

Medicare allows you to be a member of only one Medicare Advantage plan at a time. If you join a Medicare Advantage HMO-POS or PPO plan and later choose a Part D drug plan from another insurance or pharmacy company, Medicare will:

  1. Enroll you in that drug plan for your Part D drug coverage,
  2. Automatically disenroll you out of your current Medicare Advantage plan, and
  3. Allow you to keep Medicare (Parts A and B) for your medical coverage for the remainder of the year, along with the other drug plan you chose.

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