Choose MVP to Manage Your COBRA Program 

COBRA administration can be complicated, but our COBRA administrative services can relieve you of this burden. We handle everything from overseeing enrollment to processing payments, so you can focus on what matters most—your business. 

We offer a comprehensive range of COBRA administrative services, including: 

  • COBRA membership and activity reports, accessible online for employers 
  • COBRA Election Notices generated and mailed to all Qualified Beneficiaries 
  • Coordination of coverage with multiple carriers and multiple locations 
  • Expert maintenance of legal documentation for all COBRA activity 
  • HIPAA certificates when necessary 
  • Monitoring of election periods, payments, and eligibility deadlines 
  • Prompt reinstatement and termination of COBRA participants with insurance carriers  

2023 & 2024 COBRA Pricing 

Administrative Service Admin. Fee, Small Group Admin. Fee, Large Group
Implementation/Renewal Fee $150.00 $300.00
Administration Fee $25.00 per month $1.00 per active medical contract

*The COBRA implementation fee will be waived if another MVP diversified service (i.e. HSA, HRA, or FSA) has been purchased.

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