Provider Online Account 

Your Provider online account gives you access to eligibility, claims, authorization status’ and so much more. Learn more in the video below, or download our Guide to Your MVP Online Provider Account.

Provider Network and Demographics 

How to Update Your Demographics 

It’s important that you notify MVP of a change within 30 days, as outlined in your Provider contract.  

The video below shows how Providers can notify MVP of demographic, payment information, and specialty changes. It also covers how to notify MVP if a Provider is no longer participating with MVP, or has left a group.

Eligibility and Benefits 

The video below shows you how to view an MVP Member’s eligible status, benefits, copays, coinsurance, and out-of-network benefits online. 

You can also read our guides to using the MVP Member ID card or viewing member eligibility and benefits.


The video below shows you how to view the status of authorizations for your tax ID and how to receive email notifications in regard to those authorizations. You can also learn more about Authorizations in our Provider Quick Reference Guide.

If you need to submit a prior authorization request, please use the appropriate Prior Authorization Form found on our Provider Forms page.

Claims and Electronic Remittance Advice 

Watch the video below to learn how to view claim status in your MVP Provider Online account. 

For more information about claims and remittance, review our Claims and Electronic Data Instruction Guide, or our Provider Quick Reference Guide .

You can also learn how to enhance collaboration with MVP by connecting your electronic medical records.  

For more EDI information and guides, visit our Provider Reference Library page.

How to use your MVP Gaps in Care Reports

The gaps in care submission process outlines how Providers should submit medical record documentation to MVP to close gaps in care identified in MVP reporting. Please review this presentation from the MVP HEDIS Operations Team.

Clinical Education Resources 

For helpful clinical education resources, visit our Provider Clinical Education Page.