Information for Onboarding and Beyond 

MVP is proud to have you join our network of more than 54,000 medical and behavioral health professionals throughout New York and Vermont. Here is where you will find all the information and resources to successfully Onboard with MVP. We recommend that you bookmark this page, as it contains valuable information for the duration of your partnership with us.


Getting Started 

Items within this section should be completed within 30-days of joining the network to ensure you have everything at your disposal when doing business with MVP. 


Setting up your MVP Provider Online Account

For more information about claims and remittance, review our Claims and Electronic Data Instruction Guide.

Your MVP Provider Online account will allow you to review claims data, MVP Member information, check prior authorization status, access Medical Policies and more.

To get started, create an account.

To learn more about online Provider accounts, read our Guide to Your MVP Health Care® Online Provider Account.

Setting up Electronic Claims Submission 

For more information about claims and remittance, review our Claims and Electronic Data Instruction Guide.

There are many ways to submit claims to MVP, and we encourage you to take advantage of the digital options for submitting medical and behavioral health claims online.
Learn more about electronic claims submission

Two Options for Electronic Payment and Remittance Advice

  1. Please create a PaySpan account, which will save time, ensure secure electronic payments, and eliminate unnecessary printing. Note that even if you prefer a paper check with an electronic remittance, you will still need a PaySpan account. 
  2. Complete an Online Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Enrollment form if you want a paper check and electronic remittance from your clearinghouse. 

Required Training and Attestation 

MVP Providers are required to complete various trainings and attestations throughout the year. Not every Provider is necessarily required to take every training or complete attestations. Refer to the document below which outlines who needs to complete trainings and attestation and when. It also links to the appropriate trainings on the MVP website or external state or federal websites as appropriate. 

MVP Resources 

MVP has a library of valuable resources that will be critical tools for you whether you are onboarding with MVP or have been part of our Network for many years.


Contacting MVP

In addition to your MVP Professional Relations Representative, MVP has several departments that you may need to contact from time to time. Please review our list of MVP contacts

MVP Provider Policies and Payment Policies

MVP Provider Policies and Payment Policies include operational procedures, plan type offerings, and clinical programs. The policies are designed to serve as a reference tool for Providers and facilities. All policies are reviewed at least once annually, and updated policies are posted 30-days prior to their implementation. Please bookmark the MVP Policy and Payment Policy page

Provider Communications Center

Stay up to date on the Provider Communications Center — a central location for important updates, gaps in care information, MVP process updates, and more. We recommend that you bookmark this page and visit often to make sure you are aware of important changes, tips, and tools that impact doing business with MVP. 

We also ask that you review and update your contact information at least quarterly to ensure you receive timely information from MVP. 

MVP Forms

From prior authorization and provider change forms to claim adjustments, MVP offers a complete toolkit of resources for you to use. 

Prior Authorization Policy Guides can be accessed for New York and Vermont Providers. Please review the Medical and Behavioral Health Prior Authorization forms 

To ensure that your patients have your most up-to-date information and access to care, Providers are asked to notify MVP immediately when they have changes to their demographics. This includes verifying that phone and fax numbers are current, as well as office location information and more. 

Use the Online version of the MVP Provider Demographic Change Forms to submit changes to MVP. 

Access and Availability Standards 

Per New York State and Vermont requirements, Providers are asked to meet access and availability standards to ensure health care services are provided in a timely manner. MVP encourages you to review the current standards to verify that your patients have timely access to necessary health care. From time-to-time MVP and regulators may contact you to validate that these requirements are being met. 


MVP Reference Library 

The MVP Reference Library is a valuable source of information on multiple topics and includes information on HEDIS Provider Reference Guides and much more. 

MVP Quality Programs 

MVP works collaboratively with our Providers to close gaps in care, through shared information and actionable data that helps drive the quality and appropriateness of health care services. Please review our Quality Programs and Resources

Provider Quick Reference Guide

A valuable tool that contains links to educational materials and important resources you will use every day.