Important MVP Policies for Providers

MVP Provider Policies, Payment Policies, and Laboratory Policies

MVP Provider Policies, Payment Policies, and Laboratory Policies include revisions on operational procedures, plan type offerings, and clinical programs. The policies are designed to serve as a reference tool for Providers and facilities. Its purpose is to enhance and reinforce the understanding of the roles and responsibilities of MVP Participating Providers. In turn, this will help ensure that patients’ needs are met within the health care coverage provided by their MVP Health Benefits contract.

Current Provider, Payment, and Laboratory Policies

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(Policies effective July 1, 2024)

Contacting MVP Health Care
Updated 1/1/2024
MVP Plan Type Information
Updated 1/1/2024
Credentialing Updated 4/1/2024
Provider Responsibilities
Updated 4/1/2024
Inpatient and Outpatient Service Program
Updated 10/1/2023
Pharmacy Benefits
Updated 1/1/2024
Behavioral Health
Updated 4/1/2023
New York State Government Programs
Updated 7/1/2024
MVP’s Medicare Advantage Plans
Updated 7/1/2024
Utilization and Case Management Updated 1/1/2024
Updated 1/1/2024
Quality Improvement
Updated 7/1/2024
Appeals Process
Updated 4/1/2024
National Vendors
Updated 1/1/2023
Payment Policies 
Updated 7/1/2024
Laboratory Policies 
Effective 8/1/2024